Spa Trouble Shooting Guide

Problem/Fault Possible Cause Possible Remedy
Water is Cloudy Filtration period too short Increase filtration times to minimum 6 hours 8 hours for heavy use
Error 4 – SpaNet Controls & Error 6 – Davey Controls Incorrect water level Top up water to correct level
Blocked filters Turn power off, remove filter rinse with hose, soak in filter cleaning solution overnight or replace filter if it is over 12 months old.
Airlock in circulation pump Turn power off, remove filters and place hose in holes where filters screw in. Turn hose on full for 30 seconds then turn off (this may assist remove air blockage in system). Turn power back on. If this method doesn’t work, remove cabinet panels and locate circulation pump, loosen top barrel union until air is expelled, tighten union and turn power back on, repeat process if necessary.
Pump failure Turn power off, remove cabinet panels to locate circulation pump , turn power back on if circulation pump is humming or does not turn on the pump may have failed and will need repairing or replacing, contact Covertex Spas if assistance is required.
Displayed Temperature is Different to Actual Water Temperature – SpaNet Controls Software needs to be reset Follow instructions on SV Series Software (EEPROM) Reset. Turn power off then back on again and reset filtration times and cycles, sleep times and set temperature. If problem persists contact Covertex Spas or SpaNet.
Water Around Spa Condensation from spa cover It is quite common for some water to drip from the spa cover if it is not fitted correctly, always check proper fitment of cover and check for condensation.
Drain valve is open Turn drain valve in a clockwise direction so the valve is sitting about 3cm proud of cabinet. Refer Videos tab – Draining Your Portable Spa.

Spa Videos & Trouble Shooting Guides

Some selected videos from our Adelaide All Spas YouTube channel:

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